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The Month of March (so far)
As of March 17, there have been 14 bicycle crashes and 21 pedestrian incidents, including 2 pedestrian deaths.
Posted: Sunday, March 18 2012
Bicycle and Pedestrian Crashes for February
Tucson had 30 bicycle crashes in February and 35 pedestrian crashes. There was one pedestrian fatality.
Posted: Sunday, March 4 2012
Tucson Police Department Clarifies Riding in Crosswalks
Memo: “The City Attorney’s office and the City Prosecutor’s Office have issued several opinions over the past decade, both formal and informal, reinforcing the legal principle that bicyclists may not be cited for riding in a crosswalk.”
Posted: Friday, March 2 2012
“Go Ahead and Launch Already!”
Voltaire said “perfect is the enemy of good” (except he said it in French). But he was right, it’s been so easy to diddle around with little tiny cosmetic pieces of the site instead of just moving forward.
Posted: Sunday, February 26 2012
Primary Data Sources
The data comes from three main sources; A live traffic feed of traffic incidents; The Tucson Police Department's Crime Statistics Database; and Crash Reports provided by the Tucson-Pima County Bicycle Advisory Committee.
Posted: Friday, February 24 2012
Bicycle Crash Data
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