Reported Injuries

Injury Severity Pie Chart
Total: 983 crashes with injury records.

Injury Severity Details

1. No Injury (125 crashes)
  • The person did not appear to be injured, did not complain of pain and did not request medical treatment.
2. Possible Injury (184 crashes)
  • The person did not appear to be injured, but complained of pain, or experienced momentary unconsciousness.
  • Also used when the officer notices the victim limping or rubbing a possible injury despite denying injury or pain.
3. Non Incapacitating Injury (506 crashes)
  • An injury which seems minor to the officer at the scene.
  • Includes road rash, a bloody nose, bruises, scrapes and minor lacerations.
  • Can include serious injuries if they are not immediately obvious.
4. Incapacitating Injury (125 crashes)
  • A serious injury. The victim is unable to walk and needs help from the scene.
  • Includes unconsciousness, severe lacerations, broken arms or legs, and injuries to the skull, chest or abdomen.
5. Fatal Injury (15 crashes)
  • Death. This also includes injuries which result in death within 30 days of the crash.
99. Unknown/Not Reported (28 crashes)
  • Should be used only if the person is not present at the time of investigation.
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