Collision Type: Head-On Collision

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Bicycle Crash Diagram

Notes for “Head-On Collision”

  • Caused by unsafe passing of stopped traffic in narrow spaces.
  • On-street parking can also reduce the effective width of the street.
Crashes by Age

  • 1 crashes total
  • age data coming soon
Crashes by Day of the Week

  • 1 weekday crashes (100%)
  • 0 weekend crashes (0%)
Crashes by Hour of the Day

  • “0” is midnight, “12” is noon; and “23” is 11pm

Matching crashes from 2009 (1 collision)

E Sunland Vista/E Monterey Vista (East of Intersection) [0904020143] ➜ Hit & Run
Thursday, April 2 2009, 8:00 am
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