Bicycle Collision: E Grant Rd/N Park Ave [0910250527]

this collision location is reasonably accurate (position derived from police report)

Crash Vitals

Identifier: E Grant Rd/N Park Ave [0910250527] view intersection
Date & Time: Sunday, October 25 2009, 3:33 PM view month
Collision Type: Broadside; Crosswalk/Intersection view collision type
Bicycle Crash Diagram
  • The cyclist and motorist collide at or near a right angle at an intersection.
  • One or both parties has run a stop sign or red light.
  • Relevant citations include ARS 28-855, ARS 28-773 and ARS 27-771.
Injury Severity: 2 — Possible Injury view injury page
  • The person did not appear to be injured, but complained of pain, or experienced momentary unconsciousness.
  • Also used when the officer notices the victim limping or rubbing a possible injury despite denying injury or pain.
Subjective Fault: -unknown/not available-


Actions by Cyclist: -unknown/not available-
Actions by Motorist: -unknown/not available-
Contributing Factors: -unknown/not available-


Cyclist Age/Gender: -unknown/not available-
Motorist Age/Gender: -unknown/not available-
Vehicle Type: -unknown/not available-


Police Report: RECEIVED
Case Number: 0910250527 (from the police report)
UCR Code: -unknown/not available-
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