Bicycle Collision: E Congress St/N Arizona Ave [0909160406]

this collision location is reasonably accurate (position derived from police report)

Crash Vitals

Identifier: E Congress St/N Arizona Ave [0909160406] view intersection
Date & Time: Wednesday, September 16 2009, 1:48 PM view month
Collision Type: Other; Unique/Weird/Location Specific view collision type
  • The circumstances of the crash are believed to be unique, weird or just too specific to generalize into a category.
Injury Severity: 3 — Non Incapacitating Injury view injury page
  • An injury which seems minor to the officer at the scene.
  • Includes road rash, a bloody nose, bruises, scrapes and minor lacerations.
  • Can include serious injuries if they are not immediately obvious.
Subjective Fault: -unknown/not available-


Actions by Cyclist: -unknown/not available-
Actions by Motorist: -unknown/not available-
Contributing Factors: -unknown/not available-


Cyclist Age/Gender: -unknown/not available-
Motorist Age/Gender: -unknown/not available-
Vehicle Type: -unknown/not available-


Police Report: RECEIVED
Case Number: 0909160406 (from the police report)
UCR Code: -unknown/not available-
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