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Worst Area: Congress St & 6th Ave

In 5 years, there have been 40 crashes within 2/10ths of a mile of Congress St & 6th Ave. Note: this is an area with lots of bicycle traffic. show

Worst Intersection: Grant Rd & Alvernon Way

There have been 13 collisions specifically at Grant Rd & Alvernon Way. show intersection

✔ 22.9% of crashes — right-turning vehicle/wrongway cyclist

Tucson's most common bicycle crash involves a cyclist riding the wrong way on the sidewalk (or bike lane) and a motorist turning right from a side street or a driveway. The motorist's attention is entirely on the approaching traffic to the left and is not expecting the cyclist to the right.
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✔ 16.9% of crashes — crosswalk/intersection

The second most common collision type is a T-bone at an intersection. Fault is not clear cut and depends entirely on the circumstances. Either the cyclist or the motorist (sometimes both!) has run a stop sign; ignored a traffic light; or failed to yield the right-of-way. Further investigations into crash reports will help determine the percentages.
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✔ 13.4% of crashes — left hook
✔ 12.6% of crashes — right hook

Left and right hooks are the third and fourth most common crashes in Tucson. These are usually caused by motorist inattention rather than cyclist behaviors.
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Overall Collisions:

Relative crashes by month:

In Tucson, there are more crashes in the spring and fall than in summer or winter.
Relative crashes by day:
There are signficantly fewer crashes on weekends than on weekdays.
Relative crashes by hour:
The evening rush hours are the worst time for crashes.
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